My Holy Family

by Brother Daniel

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This album was written over several years by Daniel Simmons. The songs were inspired primarily through meditation on God's Word and world.

This album is available to all who want it for free, but donations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for listening!


released August 17, 2013

All songs by Daniel Aaron Simmons
Produced by Eric Tuffendsam at
Album art by Scott Fairchild
Album layout by Nicholas Moegly (

Musicians and singers on this album:
Adam Simmons
Cory Pavlinac
Jacob Glaser
Eric Tuffendsam
Suzanne Tuffendsam
Curt Kiser
Derri Turnbo
Matthew Weimer
Daniel Simmons



all rights reserved


Brother Daniel Minneapolis, Minnesota

Formed by Daniel Simmons in 2013. These are songs of hope.

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Track Name: I'm Alive
I was dead in my sin
Living to gratify my sinful desires
I was dead, lying in my grave
Blindly following the evil one

We were all there, we were all there
Dead, unable to rise
We were all there, we were all there
Dead, deserving your wrath
But God who is rich in mercy
Made us alive with Christ

Even when I was dead in my sin
You wanted me, you had chosen me
Even when I was living only for me
You saved me and I’m alive

By God’s great mercy
He poured out His love
He died in our places
He paid for our sin
And just as you rose
We’re risen with you
And we’re seated in the heavenly places
We’re seated with you

This grace is incomparable
You have shown us your kindness in Christ
I am raised from death to life because of your sacrifice
And now I will stand and praise your great Name.

I’m alive in Jesus Christ
We were all there, we were all there
Dead, unable to rise
We are all here, we are all here
Alive in Jesus Christ
Track Name: The Spotless
The Spotless

What a terrible and glorious thing you have done for us
Your wrath laid on your Son
Surely He took our pain and bore our suffering
As He died in our place for our sin
He was pierced for our transgression
And crushed for our iniquity
The punishment that brought us peace was on Him

We are hopeless, eternally separate from God
Children of wrath, deserving of death
We cannot get to Him as hard as we reach
No matter how much good we’ve done
But by your grace you made a way for peace
You took our place

We have a debt no one can pay
But you paid the price
You were rich, but became poor for us
That through your poverty we might be rich, and we are
You exchanged your heavenly crown for a crown of thorns
You became sin for us, though you had never sinned

This is love
While we were still sinners, You died for us
This is Jesus, the Lamb of God
Who takes away the sin of the world
For all who say, This is Jesus
Who cries, “Father forgive them,”
And, “It is finished!”
At the cross.
Track Name: I Love You, Daddy
Oh to understand my place in your family
How deep the Father’s love for us
That we could be His Sons
Who gave His only Son to purchase us, His enemies
But Jesus gladly bore the cross
And shed His blood

So we could be His brothers
So His Father could be ours
His brothers, and that is what we are

I love, I love, I love you Daddy
I love you
Thank you for paying the price
Thank you for picking me
Thank you for adopting me into the family
I love you, Daddy.

As I talk to Papa I see Jesus smiling over me
Full of joy, He says to me, “you were worth it all
All the pain, all the shame and suffering, it was my joy”
Father smiles as Jesus and says
“We had a good plan”

So they could be your brothers
So His Father could be ours
Your brothers
And that is what we are

My heart leaps for joy
The Spirit of God within me
Let’s Dance together, Yahweh
Until you return for us
And for all eternity
Track Name: The Family
Do you want to be apart of the family
Do you want to be in His love
Jesus made a way for all who say
He is the Lord. He is the Lord.
Do you want to be apart of the family
Do you want to be in this love
Turn away from sin so you can enter in
To a Holy Family where His glory dwells

There is no one like our Father
No other Name that is greater
There’s no one as good, who can satisfy
Every desire you’ve ever had

So surrender. Call upon his Name
And He’ll give that Name to be your own
Son of God, set apart to do His will
Track Name: Whom Shall I Fear
I find my mind worrying about what man thinks of me
I am fearfully and wonderfully made
I will not listen to the lies of the devil
Whom shall I fear?

I find myself before a giant
Too great to overcome
The Lord is the refuge of my life
I will not be afraid
Whom shall I fear?

Whom shall I fear?
Whom shall I fear?
You are my light and my salvation
I will not fear
I will not be afraid
Be strong and take heart
And wait for the Lord

What am I so afraid of?
Why am I so afraid of it?
Who am I afraid of?
Jesus is the Lord.
Track Name: Resurrection Song
The body that was sown perishable
It shall be raised imperishable
The body that was sown in dishonor
It shall be raised in honor
The body that was sown in weakness
It shall be raised in power
The body that was sown in the natural
It shall be raised in the spiritual

We shall be raised in glory
We shall be raised imperishable, Hallelujah!
We shall be raised in glory
We shall bear the image of the Son

Where oh death is your sting?
Where oh grave is your victory?

Praise be to God who gives us the victory
Through our Lord Jesus Christ!
Track Name: Inheritance
God you are my delight
I rest secure in you
Lord you are my Lord
Apart from you I have no good thing
There is no other like you
There is no God like you

Oh lover of our souls
You chose us and made us whole
We are your people
You are our God
We are yours. Your inheritance
You are ours. Our inheritance

I know who I am
I am a child of God
Surely I have a delightful inheritance in you
I was an orphan separated by my sin
But you adopted me into the family with your blood

We praise you Father for giving us life
We praise you Jesus for paying the price
We praise you Spirit for sealing our hearts
We fix our gaze on you and will not be shaken
Track Name: To Be With You
Oh to be with you
Oh to be with you
Oh to see your face
Oh to be with you
Oh, to feel your great embrace
It’s all I think about
It’s all I dream about
To see your face
To see your face
Oh to be with you, yeah

I will run into your arms
You’re already running toward me
I will fall on my knees and kiss your feet
You will clothe me richly and commence the feast

You are with me now by the Spirit
And your presence is the sweetest place
But I’m waiting for my eternal home
Where we’ll live you free of sin

We are your dwelling place
A holy city
We’ll see you face to face
And we will be with you forevermore
Track Name: Drawing Near
Oh such pain. So much waiting
So many lies, my heart prone to wander
I’m growing anxious
But I’m hanging on your words

Heaven and earth will pass away
But your words will never fail
The whole world will be perplexed as these signs
But we will stand and lift up our heads
As you come

Our redemption is drawing near
Soon you will come in the clouds
The whole world will fear as the day is drawing near
But we will stand and lift up our heads
As you come

The time of trial and testing has come
Be always on the watch and pray
I will wait on the Lord
I will trust in His Name
His words will never pass away

Come soon, we wait for you
Come soon, we wait for you
Hasten the day oh righteous King
We long to see your face King Jesus
Track Name: Psalm 34
I wil bless the Lord at all times
His praise shall be continually in my mouth
Magnify the Lord, Magnify His wonderful Name!
Track Name: Church
I’m falling in love with God’s daughter
A beautiful pearl of great price
The Lord’s love for her is far greater than mine
But He’s teaching me how to love

In the same way you’re teaching me to love your daughter
I want to love your Church
The Bride of Christ for whom you gave your life
I want to lay down my life for Her

No greater love has there ever been or will ever be
That God would give His only Son to buy a slave like me
We were unfaithful like a whore
But he was still faithful revealing His Name

Here she comes, pure and spotless
Forever yours we are
Track Name: Don't Draw Back
If you wake up and feel defeated
And things don’t feel quite right
Don’t draw back from Father
His love remains, He’ll never change

Craw up on the couch
Approach Him boldly and ask away
He is longing to be with His children
He says, Child, ask away. Ask away.
A million things will distract us
But there is nothing like being with you

You calm our fears and tend to our pain
You give us the answers that make our spirits rise
And the joy overflows

So as you go through this day
Do not let shame draw you away
His love remains, He’ll never change
And He wants to be with you!