New Eyes EP

by Brother Daniel

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This album was written over several years by Daniel Simmons. The songs were inspired primarily through meditation on God's Word and world.

This album is available to all who want it for free, but donations are greatly appreciated.

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released August 17, 2013

All songs by Daniel Aaron Simmons
Produced by Eric Tuffendsam at
Album artwork by Scott Fairchild
Album layout by Nicholas Moegly (

Musicians and singers on this album:
Adam Simmons
Cory Pavlinac
Jacob Glaser
Eric Tuffendsam
Daniel Simmons



all rights reserved


Brother Daniel Minneapolis, Minnesota

Formed by Daniel Simmons in 2013. These are songs of hope.

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Track Name: What You See
I am free from the bondage of sin
I am free from the chains that bound me within
Nothing could remain under the flow of your blood
1. I am a new creation. 2. I am Born again.

This is what I was made for
To be a priest for my God
To go to work with my Papa
The hope of the nations

Let us see what you see
Let us feel what you feel
When you look to the broken
Let us love how you love
Let us burn like you burn
As you pursue the lost ones

Let us love what you love
And hate what you hate
We just want to be like you

You gave it all so that I could live
Deserving of wrath, but given life everlasting
Now just as you served us by giving your life
I will lay down my life for the ones that you love

This is what I was made for
To be a priest for my God
To go to work with my Papa
The hope of the nations

My eyes no longer on me now
I look to you
My eyes no long on me now
I work with you
To see the world brought back to you
Track Name: Childlike Wonder
I want to have a life of childlike wonder
Excited for snow and scared of thunder
Impressed by the dirt and what might live under
I want to have a life of childlike wonder

Eyes brightened by color
Nose drawn to the flower
Ears amazed at the echo of my voice from the top of a tower

We’re missing, we’re missing the picture
We’re dipping into the future
We’re figuring out everything that was science fiction
We’ve created everything we thought we were missing

I want to see through different eyes
With a childlike wonder
I want to hear through different ears
Impressed by the echo of the roaring thunder
Rip down the veils that cover my eyes
Grow my brain so my mind can be opened

What’s it like to sit in the clouds?
What’s it like to slide on a rainbow?
What’s it like to sit at the bottom of the ocean?
What’s it like to fly?

Grow my brain by erasing what I think I know
I want to see
Track Name: I See You Everywhere
I see, I see you everywhere
I feel your love
I know your there

I have never felt anything so real
Than when you talk to me through the birds bathing in the stream

Through the crickets and streams you seem to be calling my name
You said the rocks would have it covered if we fail to praise your name
I’m convinced of the omnipotent God we have
Full of love and joy and peace and faithfulness
Track Name: In Our Skin
I just noticed the skin that I’m in
The air that fills my lungs
The blood that flows through my veins keeps me alive

Life is a mystery, a mystery set out for us to understand
All we have to do is ask

You know the number of hairs on my head
You let me wake every morning
A beautiful mystery that we keep trying to ignore
I can’t ignore it anymore
I can’t escape the beauty of this universe
The heavens and the earth declare your beauty
Track Name: I Fell In Love
I fell in love with the maker of the universe
He told me how he loved me so
Enough to die on a tree for me
I wonder why the one who made it all, 8 billion human beings
Would still be mindful of me

I fell in love with the King of kings
His kingdom will reign for all eternity
I fell in love with the Lord of lords
How are you still mindful of me
But I know Him personally
He’s my best friend
I know Him personally

I’m searching out His secrets and mysteries
I’m amazed at the things He’s revealed to me
Your love is infinite, Your love is intimate
His unfailing love is the same for you and me
It’s the same for you, it’s the same for you, it’s the same for you and me
He offers His love to you today